Tutoring Programs

Private Tutoring

Individualized instructional support is offered in various subject areas focusing on learning strategies, note-taking skills, organizational methods, and overall skill development for independent learning.

Offered for grades K-12, one hour per week for four weeks.

$240 per month.

Reading Remediation

Designed for struggling readers or individuals identified with dyslexia. It is a multi-sensory reading intervention program taught by a certified teacher with 28 years of teaching experience.

This is a small group instructional class with a minimum of 2 students required and a maximum of 4 students per instructional level. Individual assessment is required prior to class and is not included in the class price.

Offered for grades K-6, twice per week for 4 weeks, and runs throughout the school year. Students must be available to attend both days.

$390 per month.

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