Rethinking how to help students learn during COVID​

Educational Endeavors Consulting recognizes the unprecedented times we are facing due to the pandemic and the impact it is having on students’ learning. Educational Endeavors has expanded their services to include individual and small group tutoring to help bridge the gap in your child’s education.


Small group and individual tutoring sessions are available to help support students whether it be district curriculum and remote learning or specialized instruction. Reading instruction is available for students identified with dyslexia or reading challenges. All students will be assessed to determine their present levels of performance to develop a plan that will promote student progress.


Also, in an effort to help support our families that have had to adjust their work schedules, Educational Endeavors would like to offer Exploration classes that will pique your child’s interest while learning something new. Exploration classes would consist of small groups where students can engage in learning new games (card games, board games, etc.) or explore their creativity with arts. It will also offer a chance for students to socialize and spend time with peers.


If interested, please contact Educational Endeavors at educationalendeavorsconsulting@yahoo.com, or call 630.254.7621.


All families will be required to sign a COVID release form and adhere to the policies to ensure the health and safety of all.


We’re in this together.

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Educational Endeavors Consulting

Advocating Together For Children

Educational Endeavors Consulting advocates for families with children identified with special needs. Navigating the educational system when you have a child with special needs can be especially challenging. We are here to help.

Meet Julie Rosch Williams

EEC’s owner, advocate, and Learning Behavior Specialist Julie Rosch Williams is a parent of a special needs child, and has 28 years of experience as a special education teacher.


Julie has a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the special education system and the challenges families face when trying to navigate the system alone.


Julie holds teaching credentials in both California and Illinois and is a member of COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates).

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What Our Clients Have to Say

My son was truly on a path of self-destruction prior to Mrs. Williams getting involved with his IEP. Ultimately, my son received the care and placement that I had been arguing for. Mrs. Williams understood the "language" and the process required when dealing with school districts.

School districts rely on the ignorance of parents in order to mislead parents concerning necessary placement for the child. The district I was dealing with certainly relied on my ignorance. Part of the problem was that I didn't demand using the correct terms. They kept repackaging the same ''educational plans” that continued to fail.

My son needed and qualified for a residential educational plan. Yet, the district pretended that they were unaware of any such placement. This was a lie! Like I stated previously, districts rely on our ignorance. Mrs. Williams advocates for my son from a position of understanding the process and the "language" required for proper placement. She has the heart of a warrior and compassion for kids. Because she advocated for my son he received the educational plan and placement he needed. In fact, the placement he received literally saved his life.

John Williams

I highly recommend Educational Endeavors Consulting! My daughter and I have been struggling during IEP meetings to communicate our needs to administrators and also understand our rights. Having an advocate there at the meetings like Julie took away the stress and pressure of the meeting without having to worry. My daughter’s anxiety was reduced because she felt at ease with Julie there to support us. We are so grateful for the help. Thank you so much Julie!!!

Amanda McCullough



There are many resources available to help manage your child's educational journey.



COPAA’s (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates) mission is to protect and enforce the legal and civil rights of students with disabilities and their families.  Our primary goal is to secure high quality educational services and to promote excellence in advocacy.

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